Amalie Sofie Jensen



Loaded but Lonely: Housing and Saving Responses to Spousal Death in Old Age
Working paper, August 2017.

Do People Respond to the Mortgage Interest Deduction? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Denmark

(with Jonathan Gruber and Henrik Kleven), Working paper, July 2017.

Contagious Political Concerns: Identifying Unemployment Shock Information Transmission Using the Danish Population Network
(with James Alt, Horacio Larreguy, David Lassen and John Marshall), Working paper, December 2017. R&R, American Political Science Review.

Middle Class without a Net: Savings, Financial Fragility and Preferences over Social Insurance
(with Jacob Hariri and David Lassen), Working paper, December 2017, Online appendix here.

Unemployment Shocks and Mortgage Borrowing
(with Asger Andersen, Claus Thustrup Kreiner and Søren Leth-Petersen), Work in progress.